Alumni Association Leadership Team

From the moment you step off the gangway, you’re officially a lifetime member of the SAS Alumni Association.

Connecting and engaging shipmates through reunions, shipboard and regional events, philanthropic opportunities, and other activities, the Alumni Association exists to help alumni keep their voyage experience alive.The Alumni Association Leadership Team is a group of 150+ dedicated volunteers, composed of seven councils, each representing different alumni constituency groups.

  • Chapter Representatives Council (manages our 31+ regional alumni chapters around the world)
  • Emeritus Council (for all Past Presidents of the Alumni Association)
  • Faculty and Staff Council (for all former SAS faculty/staff members)
  • Parents Council (for all parents of SAS voyagers)
  • Lifelong Learning Council (for all former Lifelong Learners)
  • Voyagers Council (for any/all SAS alumni — any age, any constituency group)
  • Young Alumni Council (for any SAS alum who sailed within last 10 years)

Council Structure and Responsibilities

Each Alumni Association Council (AAL) consists of 10-50 members.

Council members are expected to meet a minimum of three of the four requirements below:

  • Attend the AAL annual meeting (required for new members);
  • Participate in at least three of the quarterly conference calls and other committee calls as needed;
  • Be an active member of the council by helping to reach the goals and priorities set forth by the council and ISE;
  • Contribute to the SAS Annual Fund.

Nomination Process

Council members are self-nominated and voted upon by the Alumni Association Board of Directors. Council members serve a two-year term starting in June with the option of serving additional two-year terms at the discretion of the council co-chairs, provided that the member is meeting all necessary requirements.

The following criteria will be applied for considering applicants:

  • A demonstrated commitment to serving the needs and interests of Semester at Sea alumni;
  • A demonstrated commitment to furthering the mission of Semester at Sea through financial contributions, volunteer leadership, and participation in Semester at Sea alumni events;
  • Evidence of leadership ability.

Selection Process and Application

Alumni Association Council members shall be self-nominated and must submit an application to be considered.

Alumni Association Council co-chairs will determine how many candidates need to be added to their councils for the coming year, will review all applications, and will then forward their recommendations to the Alumni Association Board of Directors for a vote.

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