Prepare yourself for a voyage unlike any other travel or study abroad opportunity, where you’ll live and learn aboard our unique floating classroom as it explores the world, visiting 10+ countries in a single semester.

Live, Learn, and Travel With a Community Dedicated to Global Understanding

When you join a Semester at Sea voyage, you undertake a journey of discovery aboard a ship that’s outfitted as a globe-exploring college. Alumni often describe their time on the ship as one of the most remarkable communities they have experienced, providing a platform for discussion, coursework, and deep connections, all while traveling to new locations around the world. Every aspect of the SAS experience encourages discovery and growth — at port and at sea, in and out of the classroom.

A Day in the Life at Sea

All the Elements of a Life-Changing Voyage

Integrated Coursework

Academics form the foundation of a deepening understanding of world cultures.

Experiential Learning

Experience high-impact cultural engagement in 10+ countries through guided travel or by planning your own travel.

Meal Time

With communal meals served in shared dining areas, you’ll build community and flow with the daily rhythm of life on the ship.

Arts & Culture

Take part in theater, dance, and musical groups that showcase the talents of our diverse community.

Health & Exercise

Enjoy group athletics and exercise classes, and take advantage of our shipboard gym and swimming facilities.

Mental Health

Shipboard life is designed to support mental health needs, and all participants have access to counselors and and self-help groups.

Time for Reflection

With so many cultures, concepts, and environments to take in, we make sure students have plenty of time to relax and reflect.

Spaces for Study

The ship is filled with quiet spaces to complete coursework, research, and study up on the places you will be visiting.

What to Expect on Your Voyage

Each Semester at Sea voyage brings together academics, life at sea, and life on land in a way that’s more than the sum of its parts. Voyagers apply what they learn in their classes to in-country travel and enrich their experiences through the unique nature of shipboard life.


When the ship is at sea, you will attend classes that are relevant to your degree, taught by our award-winning faculty and carefully planned to help you contextualize your travel experiences.

Life at Sea

The ship offers a living and learning environment unlike any other, fostering community and serving as a familiar home base as you travel the globe.

Life on Land

Through guided Field Programs or by planning your own travel, intercultural exchanges will hep you develop deep insight and understanding that’s not possible through tourism alone.

Spotlight on Health & Safety

Over the course of our 59+ year history, we’ve always put the health and safety of our program participants, employees, and crew first. We follow a rigorous, multi-faceted risk management model that keeps people safe and healthy both onboard the ship and in our multi-country destinations.

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Hear From Past Voyagers

When I walked on the ship I knew no one and it was a bit scary. But by the end of the voyage I had met some of my best friends and had explored the world with them. Because of SAS, I now have friends all over the world and will continue to travel with my friends I made on the voyage. I am forever grateful for being able to be on the Fall 2019 voyage and for the memories that were made.

Headshot of Isabella Worsham

I dreamt of going on SAS since middle school, and I’m forever grateful for the opportunities SAS brought me. I was given freedom to explore the world, and the comfort to know I wasn’t alone. The bond between SAS students is so unique and genuine.

Headshot of Ashvi Patel

Semester at sea gave me a lifetime experience, friendship and memories! Everyday we had new challenges that came our way and thats what made us different and make stronger connections!

Upcoming Voyages

Fall 2024

Fall 2024

September 09 — December 22

Ghana Hong Kong India Mauritius Morocco Mozambique Netherlands Portugal South Africa Thailand Vietnam

Spring 2025

Spring 2025

January 05 — April 20

Germany Ghana India Kenya Malaysia Morocco Mozambique South Africa Spain Thailand Vietnam

Diversity & Inclusion

Our unique shipboard community welcomes voyagers of all races, ethnicities, nationalities, and identities. Diversity and inclusion are at the heart of our mission of shared global understanding, and it begins with creating a shipboard culture that is welcoming to all. We believe that inviting different experiences and perspectives leads to a richer experience for our entire community.

Ready to Set Sail?

Take the first step on the journey of a lifetime.