Student Assistant Grants

Scholarship Information

Amount: $4000

Voyages: Spring & Fall

Eligibility: All Students

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These esteemed positions are available for industrious students with the necessary experience to be successful in their assignment. Students will be expected to work two hours per day while at sea. There will be no work expectations while in port. Student Assistant Grants are $4,000. Students are only eligible to apply for one position per voyage.

Academic Resource Student Assistant

This position is for those who have a desire to meet and assist nearly all voyagers with their technology and library needs. Applicants will be asked to indicate their interest in one of three separate job areas: audio visual services, computer lab, and library. Semester at Sea will make final assignments based on student preference and related experience.

Students will come to this role with an interest in technology and an interest in learning some aspect of technology to which they may not have been previously exposed. On any given day — under the supervision and guidance of the voyage librarian, IT coordinator, and AV coordinator — students in this role will flex their problem-solving skills in a variety of tasks. They will interact with and help faculty, staff, students, and lifelong learners. Experience serving at a university help desk, in a library, or in an audio-visual role is a plus, but it is not required. A desire to help people and problem solve is required!

Position skills and functions:

Candidates should be comfortable with learning or knowing how to accomplish the following:

  • Maintain the Academic Success Center technology and the integrity of library operations.
  • Assist voyagers with technology and library queries.
  • Provide customer support to voyagers seeking assistance with technology.
  • Provide customer support to voyagers seeking access to the library collection.
  • Set up classroom technologies such as digital projectors, DVD players, laptops, etc. (may include displays and audio recordings).
  • Confirm classroom technology is operational for efficient and best use.
  • Set up event areas with microphones and AV-related equipment.
  • Assist with troubleshooting technical problems.
  • Understand the basics of wireless connectivity with laptops and smartphones and share this with others.
  • Learn and work within the library catalog.
  • Inventory the library collection as required by the voyage librarian.
  • Shelve library books.
  • Other duties as requested by the librarian, IT, and AV coordinators.
Communications Student Assistant

To be eligible for this position, students must:

  • Have photo editing/videography experience using the Adobe Creative Cloud
  • Have experience in the Communications Field
  • Major in Journalism, Communications, English, Marketing, Visual Communications, or a related field
  • Submit several samples of work
  • Communications Student Assistants will be asked to apply for one of the following roles:

Social Media AssistantDuties specific to the Social Media Assistant position include:

  • Help organize media, including photos and video
  • Edit photographs to Semester at Sea brand guidelines for social media purposes
  • Actively seek out and execute stories from the shipboard community for News from the Helm Blog
  • Experience working in Adobe products, specifically Photoshop and/or Lightroom
    Working knowledge of Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter
  • Copyediting experience a plus
  • Other duties as assigned by the Social Media Coordinator
  • Laptop required
  • DSLR camera required

Application Requirements:

  • Photography portfolio
  • Links to a professional website and/or social media handles
  • One writing sample (non-academic)

Social Media VloggerDuties specific to the Social Media Vlogger position include:

  • Record and edit a weekly vlog for Youtube that is roughly 2 minutes long
  • Create mini vlogs (under 30 seconds) for social media when needed
  • Must use Adobe Premiere or Adobe Rush to create your videos (Mac, PC, or phone)
  • Must have a laptop, camera/phone, and Adobe Premiere or Adobe Rush on the voyage
  • You must feel comfortable being on camera telling a story
  • You have to be able to shoot and edit vlogs independently
  • Organize your media and then transfer it to the media coordinators

Application Requirements:

  • Submit a vlog introducing yourself and showing off your town or campus. We are looking for people who are fun to watch (enthusiastic without sounding insincere). Be respectful of the area — obey all laws and rules.
  • Edit your video with basic graphics and non-copy-written music (search YouTube)
  • Upload your video submission to a cloud sharing site (YouTube, DropBox, Google Drive, etc.)
  • Share a link to your video in your application.
Dependent Child Student Assistant

The Dependent Children Coordinator and Student Assistant are responsible for designing and implementing a study hall and enrichment program for the dependent school-aged children of faculty, staff, and lifelong learners. Student Assistants are expected to perform work duties as assigned by the Dependent Child Coordinator. These duties could include:

  • Coordinating recreation time on the sports court
  • Planning activities like poetry writing, map making, or ship tours for the enrichment program
  • Compiling lists of students interested in serving as tutors for the children
  • Creating pre-port presentations about each country that are relevant for the children
Field Office Student Assistant

Position Requirements:

  • Belief in mission and vision of Field Programs/desire to support and encourage participation in Field Programs
  • Attention to detail/organization skills
  • Customer service experience
  • General office/administrative skills
  • Experience with event planning/logistics and operations management (preferred)
  • Demonstrated leadership potential; collaborative and a team-player

Common duties include but are not limited to:

  • “Front lines” customer service work: answering questions and supporting voyagers with Field Program selection and registration
  • Communicating and supporting the enforcement of Field Program policies
  • Processing program registrations and cancellations
  • Marketing: encouraging peer participation in Field Programs/helping to promote under-enrolled programs
  • Data entry and basic administrative support (stuffing folders, updating lists, creating rooming lists, etc.)
  • Delivering Field Program tickets and receipts to cabins around the ship
  • Handing out a port resources document (“Green Sheet”) at logistical pre-port and helping answer voyagers’ questions after each pre-port
  • Supporting the Field Office team as needed to ensure the successful operation of all Field Programs and Field Classes
Lifelong Learning and Advancement Student Assistant

The Lifelong Learning and Advancement Student Assistants, working under the guidance and direction of the Lifelong Learning and Advancement Coordinator, are responsible for creating a cohesive community of Lifelong Learners (LLLs), as well as educating the shipboard community about the benefits, opportunities, and responsibilities of being lifetime Semester at Sea alumni.

Position skills and functions:

  • Assisting in the creation and implementation of programs and activities for the LLLs, such as faculty lectures, meeting with student leaders, intramurals, game nights, and socials
  • Creating and distributing a daily or weekly calendar and activity schedule for all LLLs
  • Assisting with the extended family program by recruiting interested participants, matching participants, and coordinating family dinners
  • Assisting and supporting the LLL/Advancement Coordinator in developing a philanthropic understanding for the Institute for Shipboard
  • Education/Semester at Sea among our newest alumni through a variety of educational and participatory initiatives
  • Staffing and helping to coordinate and execute a weeklong fundraising drive for the Semester at Sea Annual Fund
  • Working with the LLL/Advancement Coordinator to ensure that all preparations are made for the Alumni Ball
  • Working to support and staff other advancement and alumni activities on the ship, including VIP visitors to the ship, Parent Trip visitors, Parent Drive, tabling in support of the Shipboard Drive, and other duties as assigned.
Academic Advisor/Registrar Student Assistant

The Academic Advisor/Registrar Student Assistant is expected to maintain respectful confidentiality of sensitive information.

Position skills and functions:

  • Aiding in the add/drop process
    Assisting with all student-related registration matters
  • Assisting with the course evaluation process
  • Additional administrative duties as assigned:
  • Delivering messages, notes, and memos to faculty, staff, and students
  • Typing as needed to assist the Administrative Assistant (minimal)
  • Taking academic-related inquiries and responding accordingly, or otherwise seeking out answers

Students are expected to perform work duties as assigned by the Registrar/Academic Advisor or Academic Dean.

Student Life Student Assistant

The Student Life Team — together with the faculty — is responsible for the purposeful and holistic promotion of student learning and development that enhances the overall educational experience.

The Student Life Student Assistants will work closely with the Student Life Team on the development and delivery of the co-curricular program during the voyage. Student Life Student Assistants will be asked to help facilitate reflection activities after port stays, as well as other programs and events.

In addition, Student Life Student Assistants will serve as peer mentors for the gap year students who participate in the voyage. Gap year students are those who have recently graduated from high school and have not attended a university. The Student Life Student Assistants will be assigned a group of mentees from this student population.

Position skills and functions:

  • Serve in a TA/peer mentor role for the gap year New Student Seminar course during the first half of the voyage
  • Attend the Field Class associated with the first-year experience in the first port country
  • With the other Student Life Student Assistants, plan and implement community development programming and skill-building workshops for the gap year student
  • Meet one-on-one and in small groups with your mentees throughout the voyage
  • Hold regularly scheduled office hours in the Student Life Office to support the Student Life Team

Students with the following qualifications should apply for this role:

  • Experience working with first-year college students (i.e. RA, orientation leader, peer advisor, etc.)
  • Developed leadership and communication skills
  • Commitment to service on their campus and/or in their community
  • Experience leading or facilitating programs, training, or other events
  • As a member of the student life team, other duties will be assigned by the Dean of Student Life, Assistant Dean of Student Life, and Resident Directors.
Writing Center Student Assistant

Requirements to work as a peer writing consultant in the Writing Center include:

  • Strong communication, interpersonal, and writing skills
  • Strong coaching and listening skills
  • Ability to motivate and encourage students
  • Awareness of various learning styles and needs
  • Awareness of various forms of writing across the disciplines (e.g. humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, etc.)
  • Knowledge of MLA, APA, in-text citations, documentation
  • Skill in maintaining respectful confidentiality

Duties specific to the Writing Center include:

  • Peer writing consultations
  • Assessing the writing needs of students
  • Explaining writing principles and concepts (e.g. thesis, supporting evidence, etc.)
  • Evaluating student essays (identifying strengths and weaknesses)
  • Providing feedback/guidance/coaching
    Leading thematic workshops, developing workshops, and support sessions
  • Helping to develop student communication skills
  • Providing guidance to students on developing effective academic essays and following writing conventions

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