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Curious about Semester at Sea? Start Here. 

Semester at Sea Professor teaching outside on deck

Semester at Sea’s mission is to provide  “journeys of discovery that spark bold solutions to global challenges.” What do we mean by that? Learn more about Semester at Sea’s mission and how you can join our global community below: 

What is Semester at Sea? 

For students looking for more than a typical single-country study abroad experience, Semester at Sea opens up a world of possibilities for academic, cross-cultural, and personal growth. Semester at Sea offers:

  • A unique study abroad experience, different from all others. Unlike traditional study abroad programs, Semester at Sea takes place on a 1,000-passenger ship and sails to 10+ countries on each voyage. 
  • A program that connects students and lifelong learners from around the world. On each voyage, the Semester at Sea community is made up of individuals from almost all 50 states, nearly 30+ countries, and over 200+ universities. 
  • An opportunity to travel around the world while earning college credit. Semester at Sea sees the world as our campus. Students earn college credits toward their degree while engaging with world-class faculty in an intensive live-learn environment on our ship and in destinations around the world. Semester at Sea offers a wide variety of courses that cover everything from the humanities to the sciences, providing an academic environment that is both comprehensive and dynamic.

Who is Semester at Sea for? 

The Semester at Sea community is made up of curious and open individuals, excited to explore the world. While the majority of our voyagers are undergraduate students enrolled in four-year universities, our shipboard community is made up of a wide variety of individuals and groups including: 

  • Undergraduate students 
  • Gap year students – recent secondary/high school graduates who sail before entering college. 
  • Recent college graduates – although Semester at Sea only offers undergraduate-level coursework, recent college graduates and graduate students are still welcome to apply!
  • Lifelong Learners – a group of amazing adult learners aged 30 and older who sail for segments of the voyage or for the full voyage. Beyond traveling with Semester at Sea, Lifelong Learners are also a vital part of ship life–including participating in shipboard activities and academic classes!  
  • Families – for adults sailing as Lifelong Learners, faculty, or staff, we welcome children and young adults to sail as companions!
  • Faculty and Staff – affectionately called “Staculty,” our Faculty and Staff include a wide range of roles to support the shipboard community–from our Deans to our Medical staff, Communications team, Resident Directors, and more. 
  • Crew members

When can I do Semester at Sea? 

Semester at Sea hosts two, ~100 day voyages a year. These voyages typically coincide with traditional academic semesters, allowing students to seamlessly integrate this adventure into their educational path. Whether you’re looking to set sail as an undergrad, during a gap year, or as a Lifelong Learner seeking new horizons, there’s a voyage for you!

Where does Semester at Sea take place? 

One of the most exciting aspects of Semester at Sea is its global itinerary. With ports of call in multiple countries across different continents, you’ll have the chance to immerse yourself in a wide range of cultures, landscapes, and experiences. From bustling cities to remote villages, Semester at Sea helps you explore the world, embrace diverse viewpoints, and challenge yourself in a global context.

How do I sail with Semester at Sea? 

Head over to our website to learn more about how to apply! You can also read about financial aid, grants, scholarships, and work-study opportunities

Why should I do Semester at Sea? 

To answer that question, we turn to some of our past voyages on what it feels like to do Semester at Sea.

If you’re ready to embark on an adventure of a lifetime, Semester at Sea is waiting to set sail with you!

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