Fall 2024: European, African, and Asian Adventure

TH 150 Introduction to Performance [CRN 76744 and 76745]

Overview of Course

This course explores fundamental principles of performance and techniques of acting through exercises, improvisation, monologues and scene work. Basic theory and text analysis will be incorporated into a physical, action-based approach that will enhance creativity and focus and develop physical and vocal performance skills. We will develop and practice imaginative and emotional fullness and the physical and vocal skills necessary for acting. You will learn to analyze play scripts from an actor’s point of view, explore vocabularies and methods of acting including living truthfully in imaginary circumstances, and finding and articulating objectives, obstacles, actions, and given circumstances. We will also develop concentration and relaxation techniques, spontaneity and skills in observation and storytelling. An important component of the course will be experiencing and analyzing theatrical performances in the countries visited. We will learn to critique not only individual performances but also the writing, concept and theatrical form of the productions we attend. This will be an opportunity not only to explore a range of theatrical forms but also to develop an appreciation for performance styles and acting methodology outside of a western based approach to actor training.