Fall 2024: European, African, and Asian Adventure

SPCM 200 Public Speaking [CRN 77077]

Overview of Course

This course is an introduction to the development and practice of public speaking in a range of contexts. We will analyze the vocal techniques, performance strategies and relationship skills that are used by successful oral communicators, paying particular attention to a younger, globally significant, generation of impassioned speakers.
Students will be introduced to an audience-sensitive approach to the invention, arrangement, and delivery of public messages. They will have the opportunity to explore various scenarios through role play and develop strategic skills that are relevant to their success in effectively communicating their message. This will include preparation for scholarships, internships, graduate school or job interviews, academic and workplace presentations and political forums. Students will also become familiar with techniques associated with actor training relevant to public speaking and the use of breathwork and meditation to relax and ground the speaker. The course will incorporate practice in structuring a talk or seminar and delivering it in a manner that is clear and vocally expressive. Students will gain experience in finding the right ‘medium for their message’ and will have the opportunity to give presentations on topics they feel passionate about. They will conduct in-port research to explore similarities and differences in communication techniques and practices amongst the countries we visit as part of the process of identifying and developing their own strengths as passionate, skilled, and confident public speakers.