Spring 2025 | Asia, Africa, and Europe Exploration

SPCM 200 Public Speaking

Overview of Course

Public Speaking terrifies even the most successful individuals, and yet most dream of being able to create compelling, organized, impassioned speeches, and confidently deliver powerful presentations. This course will help you discover the power of your voice. We will uncover proficiencies to overcome common obstacles like stage-fright, podium-paranoia, performance nerves, and even imposter syndrome. We will explore elements of effective communication skills, the importance of civil discourse and the enduring value of positive interpersonal interactions. Whether focused on global challenges, charitable initiatives, social activism, philanthropic visions, corporate presentations or unique occasions, effective presentation skills serve as a powerful tool by which to speak your mind, make your case, pitch your ideas or advocate for your cause. As we sail, we have the privilege of access to global associations and transnational audiences. These require an acute and mindful understanding of varied codes of conduct and intercultural communication skills, which will both enrich your interactions and benefit your strategic path going forward. We will analyze historically influential speeches that have had a political and social impact on societies, to uncover the secrets of influential speechwriting and memorable speakers. We will explore the human dimensions of the expressive communication process: vocal intonation, body behavior, focus, control, self-awareness, and audience evaluation. Mastering these attributes will optimize the unique ‘music of your voice’ in delivering your message. You will discover the potential of your words, and as one student eloquently put it, ‘the most important thing you will learn will be about yourself.’