Fall 2024: European, African, and Asian Adventure

RRM 355 Culinary Tourism & Hospitality Management [CRN 74290]

Overview of Course

Culinary tourism, or gastronomy tourism, involves actively immersing oneself in food and drink experiences that embody a sense of place, heritage, or tradition within a particular culture or society. The practice of exploring a destination for its culinary offerings, such as dining, imbibing, cooking, and discovering local and regional foods, has a rich history. In today's travel industry, many tourists seek culinary experiences, with many citing food and drink as the primary motivators for their journeys. The hospitality industry offers diverse food and drink experiences to suit different tastes.

This unique course is designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of the culinary tourism and hospitality industry on a global scale. It delves into the industry's background, cultural nuances, globalization and localization, marketing and branding, festivals and events, and sustainability concerns.

This interactive culinary tourism course showcases real-life case studies from around the world, providing a comprehensive understanding of new and ongoing industry opportunities. Students explore various tourism frameworks and their relevance to the growth and development of the field, including trends, economic growth, product development, promotion, branding, and the future of the industry. To further enhance the learning experience, students embark on an exciting field trip to visit a local culinary tourism stakeholder.