Spring 2024 | Asia, Africa, and Europe Exploration

PSY 465 Adolescent Psychology [CRN 22372]

Overview of Course

No matter where someone is from, adolescence is a time of notable development that has lasting implications. How do people develop knowledge, skills, and relationships that allow them to become successful adults? This course examines adolescent development. We will review foundational principles, theories, and research pertaining to adolescence including cognitive, emotional, personality, social and biological perspectives. Special consideration will be given to how culture and socialization impacts the many facets of development. Throughout the course, we will discuss the definition of adolescence and explore identity, gender, sexuality, family relationships, peer influence, risk behavior, education, work, and media. Students will use the fundamental adolescent psychology concepts taught in this course to critically think about adolescent issues throughout the globe and apply their knowledge to present day problems affecting adolescents. Students will be asked to critically analyze and reflect upon meaningfully interactions with adolescents during ports of call during the voyage.