Spring 2025 | Asia, Africa, and Europe Exploration

PSY 328 Psychology of Human Sexuality

Overview of Course

Sexuality is a fundamental part of everyone's life but how we express that sexuality is based on a number of biopsychosocial factors. This course is built upon health promotion principles that emphasize the important influences of knowledge and attitudes upon persons’ behaviors. Therefore, sexual knowledge, attitudes and behaviors will be examined in detail through a variety of methods. Particular attention will be given to the enhancement of sexual well-being and the prevention of various sexual health concerns, from a cross-cultural perspective. Fundamental concepts in human sexuality will be presented, including sexual hormones and anatomy, gender development, sexual orientation, contraception, abortion, sexual violence, sexual variation in behavior, and sexually transmitted infections. Port of call visits will be used to further examine the concepts we discuss and will allow for observations of cultural and political differences and similarities.