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PSY 320 Psychopathology [CRN 74066]

Overview of Course

Welcome to Psychopathology, an engaging and thought-provoking course that provides a comprehensive exploration of psychopathology, focusing on the understanding, assessment, and treatment of mental disorders. Through a blend of theoretical frameworks, case studies, and experiential learning, students will gain a deep insight into the complexities of abnormal behavior and its impact on individuals and society. This course delves into the intricate landscape of psychopathology, examining the multifaceted nature of mental disorders through a cross-cultural lens. By blending theoretical frameworks with real-world case studies, students will gain a comprehensive understanding of the manifestations, etiology, and treatment approaches to various psychological conditions. Through a comparative analysis of different cultural contexts, students will explore how societal norms, beliefs, and values shape the expression and perception of mental illness. Emphasis will be placed on fostering cultural sensitivity and awareness to better comprehend the complexities of diagnosing and treating psychopathological conditions within diverse populations. Topics covered include but are not limited to the classification and diagnosis of mental disorders, historical perspectives on psychopathology, neurobiological and psychosocial factors influencing mental health, cultural variations in symptom presentation and help-seeking behaviors, and evidence-based interventions tailored to specific cultural contexts. Interactive discussions, case studies, and experiential learning activities will encourage critical thinking and application of course concepts. By the end of the course, students will develop a nuanced understanding of psychopathology that transcends geographical and cultural boundaries, preparing them to approach mental health challenges with empathy, cultural competence, and evidence-based practice.