Spring 2024 | Asia, Africa, and Europe Exploration

NRRT 320 International Issues-Recreation and Tourism [CRN 19457]

Overview of Course

Tourism is a global industry that involves the travel and stay of people in places and host communities, for leisure, business, or other purposes. It encompasses various aspects such as transportation, accommodation, entertainment, and sightseeing, among others. Tourism has a significant impact on the economy, as it generates revenue, creates employment opportunities, and contributes to the development of infrastructure and services in destination areas. Tourism is all about people. It plays a crucial role in connecting people from different parts of the world and promoting cultural exchange and understanding.
This course will delve into diverse global aspects of tourism and recreation, dealing with issues common to different destinations. We will focus on the role tourism plays in host communities and its impact on local residents, including both the gains and challenges. We will also address the experiences and preferences of tourists, and examine how they affect the tourism industry by looking into tourists' search for spiritual or authentic excitement or participation in volunteer activities. We will learn about aspects of the planning and regulation of the industry, and how such policies impact both host communities and their guests. The course is designed as an ongoing active-reflective learning experience based on the dominant tourism-related issues of each country visited in the spring 2024 SAS voyage.