Spring 2025 | Asia, Africa, and Europe Exploration

NR 150 Oceanography

Overview of Course

Oceanography NR150 is the study of the ocean and its inhabitants - while voyaging on the ocean! The course will provide an overview of the interrelationships between the geological, physical, chemical, and biological systems in the world’s oceans. The local marine environments we will be visiting will be emphasized, as well as the social issues and policies affecting them. Environmental challenges such as global climate change, ocean acidification, coastal impacts and oceanic pollution will be discussed, and emerging solutions will be emphasized. On the MV World Odyssey - while in the classroom, on deck, or on shore - we will explore topics such as currents, tides and waves, the regions of the ocean, and the organisms that have evolved to live in these challenging and varied habitats. Emphasis will be on the interconnectivity of oceans and organisms, from microscopic plankton to charismatic megafauna such as whales and dolphins.