Spring 2025 | Asia, Africa, and Europe Exploration

MKT 365 International Marketing

Overview of Course

This course explores the strategic implications of marketing in different contexts around the world. Understanding fundamental differences and similarities across consumers and markets sets the stage for successful adaptation/standardization of marketing strategy. Topics include: situation analysis of environmental forces across markets, cross-cultural understanding of consumption, international research and segmentation, global marketing strategy, and insights into subsistence marketplaces. It is designed to be a comprehensive course embodying lectures, class discussion, field assignments, and case studies. The focus of class activities, including in class discussions, case studies, and group project, will be on the specific countries visited by the SAS SP25 voyage. The course will have as its objectives to:
1. Identify the environments that shape the risks and opportunities arising from economic, cultural, political, legal and regulatory, technological, ethical, and competitive forces that affect international marketing activity.
2. Recognize the role and complexities of global research for understanding and segmenting markets.
3. Analyze how aspects of marketing such as advertising, promotion, sales, distribution, product development, branding, and pricing can be effectively standardized or adapted for various market segments to create value for customers and organizations.
4. Assess market potential and understand methods of market entry for a given offering in an international market.
5. Gain a deeper appreciation of global geography and diverse cultures in the world, and use cultural frameworks and theories to investigate a particular socio-cultural context.
Understand the nature of consumption and marketing within developing and subsistence marketplaces as well as the role of social and sustainable enterprise.