Fall 2023: European, African, and Asian Adventure

MKT 365 International Marketing [CRN 75648]

Overview of Course

We live and work in a global environment where governments, firms and organizations develop, promote, assess and utilize an increasingly diverse range of products and services. This International Marketing course covers the scope and challenges of marketing products and services around the world with a special emphasis on the forces driving international trade. We will consider the ways that cultural environments differ within and between countries and marketplaces. We will also drill down on the key forces in developing successful international marketing strategies, including national history, county geography, cultural context, global management styles, political environments, and legal considerations. In this class you and your classmates will also work in teams to develop a cohesive marketing plan that applies the concepts and tools needed to assess global marketing opportunities. Each team will develop and ‘pitch’ to other students and faculty a global marketing strategy for a specific product and/or service that considers distribution channels, cultural considerations, retailing strategies, pricing models, promotional activities, and other key factors. This will be a spectacular learning odyssey and much of our discussions and your project focus will be on the specific countries we will visit over the span of our voyage.