Spring 2024 | Asia, Africa, and Europe Exploration

MKT 365 International Marketing [CRN 15986]

Overview of Course

Today’s highly globalized economy imposes several challenges for firms. Cultural, economic, competitive, regulatory, and infrastructural particularities of regions and countries fundamentally affect the ways in which companies conceive and implement their international presence worldwide. This course provides state-of-art foundations and tools to critically analyze the globalized marketplace and international consumers, identify country-specific opportunities for doing business, and devise marketing strategies for successfully competing in international markets.
Students will be utilizing accepted management tools such as SWOT, Pestel and Porter’s 5 forces when presenting their analysis. Individual case studies will be analyzed by the class teams to reflect chapter content. The course (team) project focuses on developing a country’s marketing plan which will include an analysis of all of the country’s economic, political, cultural perspectives. Specifically, the teams will select an offering from the USA and launch that offering in one of the specific countries visited by Semester at Sea. The intent is to use the McGraw Hill “International Marketing” by Philip Cateora.