Spring 2025 | Asia, Africa, and Europe Exploration

MKT 300 Marketing

Overview of Course

Everyone knows marketing, it’s just advertising + sales, right?? Reality in our complex, global and dynamic world is far more interesting! Marketing answers big questions like… What truly creates value for people? How and why do people buy and consume things every day? How can we innovate new products and communicate in a compelling and authentic way? How do expert marketers promote social responsibility, sustainability, and growth at the same time?

Students will gain a more sophisticated understanding of life in the marketplace and how to create value in business + society. The course opens student’s eyes to the way we consume every day and provides skills to create value in one’s career. The goal is learning the “language of marketing” and its philosophies and strategies. As we go, the course will (a) explore how marketers can help organizations succeed, (b) reflect on marketing’s role in society, and (c) map out implications for future careers, no matter what vocation you pursue.