Fall 2024: European, African, and Asian Adventure

MGT 435 Global Ethical Leadership & Stakeholder Management [CRN 76713]

Overview of Course

The global challenges we face are daunting: climate crises, corruption, domestic abuse, health threats and health care access, housing insecurity and homelessness, income inequality, mental health plight, sex trafficking, social inequity, structural racism, water and food shortage, and more. To navigate and solve these global challenges, we need ethical, just, and resonant leaders. Global Ethical Leadership and Stakeholder Management (MGT 435) focuses on leadership practices to effectively engage in this work as well as the tactics for working with diverse stakeholders.

Our coursework, learning experiences, and port excursions will incorporate hands-on immersive (experiential) activities, case studies, videos, literature, reflection, dialogue, and peer support. Specifically, we will explore questions of meaning and depth that include: Why is it important for leaders to have an ethical orientation?; How do leaders cultivate healthy habits to lead from an ethical grounding?; What can leaders do to creatively solve daunting global challenges while ensuring sustainable organizational practices?; Who are the stakeholders and how are they influencing the challenge?

Throughout the course, all efforts will be made to include examples relevant to our cross-continental voyage as we the global aspects of ethical challenges and dilemmas; individual ethical leadership practice, behaviors, and responses; and diverse stakeholders (i.e., employees and managers, consumers, the environment, the planet, and society at large).