Spring 2024 | Asia, Africa, and Europe Exploration

MGT 360 Social and Sustainable Venturing [CRN 22373]

Overview of Course

This course aims for students to develop a broad understanding of innovations and ventures with intention for a positive impact on Nature and humanity. The project-based course also aims for students to gain practical experience from building an impact venture to tackle a tough social or environmental problem of their choice from scratch. The course covers concepts, perspectives, and tools for impact ventures to reach the various development milestones, such as an innovative business model, meaningful strategies to scale the venture and net impact, a convincing financial model and financing strategies, and a legal structure and impact measurement system appropriate for key stakeholders. In addition to the team project, the course uses lectures, illustrations, and case studies to make the learning experience suitable for not only students who may have their own ideas for overcoming some of today’s global challenges, but also those who are simply concerned about these complex problems and curious how social and sustainable ventures might break the stable equilibria under many of the wicked social and environmental problems. The SAS voyage presents a unique learning environment in which students may observe different manifestations of a global challenge and be exposed to different solution ideas grounded in local environments, which will make the learning experience even more rewarding.