Spring 2025 | Asia, Africa, and Europe Exploration

MGT 340 Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship

Overview of Course

Are you excited about the prospect of starting your own business? This course provides an overview of the field of entrepreneurship. We focus on analyzing entrepreneurial activity within existing firms, social ventures, as well as new ventures. We begin at a macro level exploring the impact of entrepreneurship on the economy and why it is important to society. Then we progress to the micro level exploring the individual entrepreneur and new venture creation. Students will develop an entrepreneurial mindset by acquiring the tools to learn the processes of opportunity identification, resource analysis, networking and the feasibility of a new venture idea. This will be accomplished through a combination of readings, cases, projects, presentations and group and individual exercises designed to better understand the different elements of entrepreneurship as well as practice and evaluate new venture creation. To mesh with our voyage, we will examine these concepts from an international perspective, studying how the policies and practices of different cultural and country environments affect entrepreneurs, identifying commonalities and differences, and exploring examples where enterprise is encouraged and supported in different ways.