Fall 2023: European, African, and Asian Adventure

MGT 320 Contemporary Management Principles/Practices [CRN 75646]

Overview of Course

Have you worked for a manager you truly appreciated, or for one that you didn’t? What was the difference? Management is critical for business success by providing leadership, driving strategy, allocating resources, and running operations. This course covers the leadership and management methodologies necessary to be successful and effective in contemporary global organizations. Through our unique voyage experience, students will have the opportunity to compare and contrast different management applications. You will understand the importance of diversity and organizational culture in a dynamic and global environment.

Topics covered will include: organizational structure, decision-making, the four primary functions of managers (planning, organizing, leading, controlling), management strategies, culture management, and management in the global arena. In this highly interactive course, we will discuss how organizations use management to create value, competitive advantage, and sustainable business. We will also discuss the importance of ethical decision-making, social responsibility, and the manager’s role in motivation, communication, and teamwork.

This course will help you understand the principles of effective management and provide the opportunity to practice applying that knowledge. You will better appreciate the key issues involved in managing and being managed, and how to succeed at both.