Fall 2023: European, African, and Asian Adventure

MGT 301 Supply Chain Management [CRN 72126]

Overview of Course

What happened to our toilet paper? The events of the last few years have elevated everyone’s awareness of the implications of supply chain management on our everyday lives. This course introduces the concept of supply chain management (SCM) and the functions (purchasing/supply management, operations, transportation, and logistics) which comprise SCM. Explaining the key considerations of each functional area will help the student identify and understand the integrated relationships between logistics and marketing, procurement, and operations. Using examples from the regions visited during the Semester at Sea voyage, the course explores the fundamental concepts comprising supply chain management using real-life examples (e.g., implications of canal obstructions to effective trade). The emphasis in the course will be on the role of supply chain management in improving the competitiveness of the firm and on the interrelationship between the functional areas of an organization.