Fall 2023: European, African, and Asian Adventure

LSPA 106 First-Year Spanish Review [CRN 75644]

Overview of Course

LSPA 106 is a student-centered, activities-driven class that employs an immersion, task-based approach to help students use Spanish to express themselves, and be understood in realistic contexts and for real purposes.

This is a fast-paced beginner’s course for students with some proficiency in Spanish (high school, family influence, experience traveling or studying abroad with exposure to Spanish). Students with zero experience in the language may register, keeping in mind that the course will move at a fast pace. The course offers an introduction and basic review of essential skills: listening, speaking, reading, and writing (interpersonal, interpretive and presentational modes).

All cultures have their own customs, food, lifestyles, daily routines and family traditions. On this voyage, visiting four continents, we will have the opportunity to explore not only these products, and practices, but also different perspectives, specifically pertaining to the Spanish language and across Hispanic cultures, which will help us have a better understanding of our own.