Spring 2025 | Asia, Africa, and Europe Exploration

JTC 328 Feature Writing

Overview of Course

In print or online, the best non-fiction feature stories share the rare capacity to inform, provoke, and reward the reader with telling details and fresh insights. JTC 328: Feature Writing will help you learn and practice reporting and writing non-fiction feature articles from outline to publication.

We’ll read compelling writing about the places we’ll be visiting. We’ll discuss the craft of writing, particularly travel writing. We’ll learn how to construct a reporting plan; interview sources and collect observations. We will conceptualize, write and rewrite stories with special attention to structure, narrative, point of view, theme, and language. And we’ll work with each other to make our stories shine.

Working journalists often find that their access to stories is limited by geographical constraints. By contrast, our voyage across three continents provides us with many remarkable opportunities to write about diverse people, places and cultures — a rare, rich opportunity.