Fall 2024: European, African, and Asian Adventure

JTC 328 Feature Writing [CRN 76858]

Overview of Course

This course serves as an introduction to the art and craft of writing feature articles. Students examine the skills required for feature writing, learning how to identify, report, create and possibly sell feature pieces. Students will employ storytelling, techniques, scene setting, character development, descriptive detail, point of view, attribution and other aspects of good journalistic writing. Students will interview subjects, conduct research, and evaluate information in order to write clear, accurate and engaging prose for specific target audiences. Students will understand the importance of ethically pursuing truth, accuracy, fairness, and diverse perspectives. They will also engage in critical thinking, independence, and creativity appropriate to the role of journalism in a democratic society.

During the voyage, students will read well-written articles about the places they will be visiting and spend a significant amount of the course discussing travel writing techniques specifically focusing on how to effectively report on interesting people, places, and cultures through observation, research, and interviews. Using peer review and supportive feedback, we will all help each other improve our writing. By the end of the course, students will become adept feature storytellers.