Spring 2025 | Asia, Africa, and Europe Exploration

JTC 100 Media in Society

Overview of Course

Across the globe, mass media have been used to inform, entertain, persuade, incite, and subjugate. JTC 100: Media in Society provides an overview of historical and contemporary mass media, including print, electronic, and web-based. Whether you’re a consumer of mass media, researcher, or plan to be a media industry professional, this course is designed to provide an overview and analysis of mass media’s sociological, economic and political effects.

We’ll learn how mass media has spawned and quelled social changes, and in many cases, changed the course of history. We will consider the various media and communication models in countries we visit. In addition, we will explore how the mass media influence -- and are influenced -- by governments and institutions, all while gaining a greater appreciation for how mass media impact each of us, consciously or not.