Spring 2024 | Asia, Africa, and Europe Exploration

IU 172C New Student Seminar [CRN 22566]

Overview of Course

By exploring far and wide, we better understand ourselves. This Start at Sea Student Seminar will strengthen students’ critical, creative, and social skills through unique interactions with art, music, literature, film, food, sport, and more. It does not presume that students will arrive with any particular expertise (or interest) in these categories, but that they are ready and willing to investigate cross-cultural themes directly related to our ports of call. By analyzing and experiencing a wide array of cultural touchstones, this class will give students the tools they need to succeed at the university level, while further defining their educational and professional aspirations. A diverse range of material will also allow for a deeper understanding of one another, becoming integral members of the shipboard community. By interacting with works that concern the countries they visit, students will be encouraged to tackle ongoing issues across the modern world, learning how to exist both with and for others.