Fall 2024: European, African, and Asian Adventure

IU 172C New Student Seminar [CRN 76865]

Overview of Course

This required course for our gap year community will focus on supporting students’ social, academic, physical, emotional, and cross-cultural transitions to Semester at Sea, future higher education experiences, and professional pursuits. Our class will serve as a learning community valuing social knowledge construction. Students will curate opportunities to explore their own social identities, core values, leadership capacity, and efficacy as agents of change.

IU 172 will strengthen student’s critical, creative, and social skills through unique interactions with art, music, literature, film, food, sport, and more. Coursework, classroom dialogue, learning activities, and culturally relevant port experiences will incorporate hands-on immersive (experiential) activities, self-assessments, and peer support. This course will serve as a holding environment to reflect on the voyage, process experiences, and enhance academic success. The diverse range of literature and course material will allow for a deeper understanding of oneself and one another as integral members of the shipboard and global community.