Fall 2023: European, African, and Asian Adventure

IU 172 New Student Seminar [CRN 74625]

Overview of Course

During this course, students will be provided with social, academic, physical, and cultural support throughout their Semester at Sea experience. Opportunities for cultural responsiveness and adaptation to unfamiliar contexts will be explored using an Indigenous knowing, being, and doing framework. As we examine our own position in society, power, and privilege, we will also examine how we can challenge dominant narratives that can marginalize and isolate others. During this course, students will explore their own cultural background, social class, faith or non-faith traditions, sexual orientation, gender identity/expression, values, and skills, reflecting upon their educational and professional goals. Semester at Sea coursework and culturally relevant port experiences will incorporate experiential activities, self-assessments, and resource mapping to support academic success. In addition, the course will provide scaffolding for self-advocacy and well-being. Students will have the opportunity to develop relationships with other Gap Year students and staculty members throughout the shipboard community. A better understanding of self and others can be achieved through intergroup dialogue across sociocultural identities.