Fall 2023: European, African, and Asian Adventure

IE 471 Children and Youth in Global Context [CRN 74102]

Overview of Course

Countries and communities across the globe have made significant improvements in life outcomes for children and youth in the past decades. However, millions of children and youth remain under-educated, live in poverty, labor in unsafe conditions, and are sexually exploited. In this course, we will explore issues affecting child outcomes for both developed and developing countries through examining culture, poverty, and programs (both governmental and non-governmental) designed to improve child outcomes. We will specifically focus on prevention programs and policies affecting risks and resilience.

What will you get out of taking this course? Using readings, first-hand accounts, documentaries, and observations, we will explore:

global protections for children and youth;
the definition of childhood and how it has historically varied over time and place;
analyze risk and protective factors associated with future outcomes for children and youth; and
evaluate the effectiveness of efforts designed to improve the well-being of children.