Fall 2023: European, African, and Asian Adventure

IE 200 Global Studies [CRN 74129]

Overview of Course

(Section 2) is offered on A and B Days from 1000-1100

Global Studies offers an interdisciplinary introduction to roughly a dozen countries, helping students to become global citizens who can effectively understand and navigate the contemporary world through the lenses of oceanography, culture, and history. It presents a world comprised not only of astonishingly diverse geographies and ecologies, social systems and values, past experiences and political economies; but also interconnected and shaped by regional and global forces. Global Studies thus provides opportunities to transform a diverse collection of ports into a coherent, meaningful, and thinkable experience. And it encourages participants to identify the limits of their own cultural and social assumptions, their positions in transnational processes, and their opportunities for meaningful responses to global economic, political, cultural, and environmental challenges.