Spring 2024 | Asia, Africa, and Europe Exploration

IE 116 Plants and Civilizations [CRN 22327 AND 22329]

Overview of Course

The relationships between plants and humans are among the most important factors influencing human civilizations, culture, and survival. These relationships have had enormous impacts on human history, sociology, economics, and sustainability. Throughout history, plants have influenced art, religion, social behavior, and customs; and they continuously impact the social, political, religious, and the economic realms of human activity. The need and desire for plants and plant products have been a driving force in exploration, religion, wars, slavery, and innovation. This course will explore and compare the ways in which various cultures use and are shaped by plants, and how the dynamics of power and culture shape the use and exploitation of plants and plant products.

This course is also offered as AGRI 116 through the CSU Area of Agricultural Sciences.