Spring 2025 | Asia, Africa, and Europe Exploration

HES 145 Health and Wellness

Overview of Course

What does it mean to be “healthy”? This course will enable students to develop a foundational understanding of the dimensions of health and wellness including physical, emotional, intellectual, social, and spiritual, as well as the lifestyle behaviors that enhance these dimensions. Holistic approaches to health and wellness will be integrated within course objectives and represent a synthesis of concepts drawn from biological, behavioral, sociological, and health sciences. Through understanding of evidence-based health practices, individuals can learn to take appropriate responsibility for their own health and wellness and, to some extent, for the health of others. Students will understand health through open communication regarding social determinants of health, dimensions of wellness, community health concerns, and global factors that impact well-being. During the voyage, traditional health practices from each port of call will be used to examine cultural differences on viewpoints of health and the differing activities engaged in to achieve optimal health.