Fall 2024: European, African, and Asian Adventure

HDFS 412 Mental and Physical Health in Adulthood [CRN 76876]

Overview of Course

This course examines mental and physical health in adults, from a global perspective, and how they often coincide with one another, identifying ways to positively create and maintain each. It will discuss not only what mental and physical health are, but also how to implement changes into different areas of one’s life, in order to better one’s overall health. Throughout the voyage, learners will discuss strategies that have worked for them in their own lives, while also being open-minded to suggestions their fellow participants may have for improving their quality of life. This class will be interactive and may include optional physical and mental exercises from around the world. Each learner will be responsible for demonstrating, to the class, at least one current self-care activity and at least one self-care activity, based on the regions on the voyage itinerary, to practice in the future.