Fall 2024: European, African, and Asian Adventure

EDUC 320 Educational Psychology [CRN 76863 and 76864]

Overview of Course

Understanding how learning occurs is beneficial for personal and professional development, and it is central to the effective facilitation of learning for educators. This course combines basic principles of learning theory and human adolescent development with effective teaching strategies and classroom management skills. To thoroughly understand the various concepts, students will examine their own learning, explore the principles of educational psychology, and focus on how to effectively apply the concepts and strategies in the classroom and beyond. As students embark on an all-encompassing learning adventure with the world as their classroom, they can explore course concepts across the globe firsthand. Topics explored in Educational Psychology include: memory; student motivation for learning; cognition and understanding; the psychological conditions of classroom; learning and teaching; understanding the needs of exceptional and diverse learners; complex processes of learning; and development, including linguistic, social, personal, and cognitive. A thorough exploration of theory and application combined with innovative facilitation and assessment lead to a connection between learners and the learning environment.