Fall 2024: European, African, and Asian Adventure

CO 300 Writing Arguments [CRN 76821]

Overview of Course

In CO 300 Writing Arguments, we use contemporary rhetorical theory to analyze and compose sound persuasive arguments in your specific academic discipline, professional, and personal contexts, and in each of the cultural-social backgrounds of the countries we visit. We consider the elements in argumentation: author, awareness of audience, purpose, voice/tone, claim, counter-claim, rebuttal, medium (e.g., written, visual, aural, oral, and multimodal), the evaluation and synthesis of supporting sources and evidence, and the use of specialized vocabulary, format, and documentation. We practice generating ideas, writing, revising, editing, critiquing, and we hone analytical and critical thinking skills. This is a collaborative and dialogic writing and reading intensive course that provides an opportunity to clarify, shape, and communicate ideas successfully—and to affirm that knowing how to argue effectively is fundamental in varied settings across cultures. Assignments include written and video reflection, participation in class discussions, proposal, rhetorical analysis, and composition of excellent formal arguments.