Spring 2024 | Asia, Africa, and Europe Exploration

ART 237 Drawing for Non-Art Majors [CRN 22394]

Overview of Course

Perceptual drawing—drawing from observation—begins with the premise that the artist can transpose the three-dimensional world onto the two-dimensional surface, thus producing a drawing that looks “realistic.” This course introduces students to the fundamentals of perceptual drawing and explores the formal, material, and conceptual conditions of this art form. Throughout the course we will consider concepts of interpretation, meaning, process, expression, and context, while working through the formal elements of perceptual drawing, which include line, shape, texture, value, volume, and scale. While at sea, we will practice techniques and make finished drawings in a larger sketchbook. In port, we will record cultural experiences in a small field journal. In both settings we will observe, compose, and represent the world we perceive. We will use in-class discussions and critiques to reflect on the nature of representations, how they are anything but objective “reality.”