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Benefits of a Semester at Sea: SAS Alum and Former Senior U.S. Government Official

Mara on SP24 Voyage

Explore the transformative impact of a Semester at Sea with Dr. Mara Karlin, who sailed as a student on the Fall 1999 voyage and as a faculty member in Spring 2024 and Spring 2017. She is a former Assistant Secretary of Defense for Strategy, Plans, and Capabilities with the US Department of Defense.

In this video, Mara discusses how her global voyage enriched her education, shaped her worldview, and propelled her career in public service. Discover the unique advantages of studying while sailing the world, including cultural immersion, academic growth, and unparalleled networking opportunities.

She shared, “I reflect on my Semester at Sea experience pretty regularly. It is very much responsible for the career path that I chose. It kind of blew my brain open in starting to understand the issues in the world in different regions and how I might engage with them.”

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