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Semester at Sea study abroad programs offer a truly global experience each fall and spring. All of our Semester at Sea voyages on the MV World Odyssey are 100+ days, explore at least 10 countries, and allow students to earn 12-15 academic credits from Colorado State University. Explore the transformative upcoming fall and spring programs below!

Fall 2024

Fall 2024

September 09 — December 22

Ghana Hong Kong India Mauritius Morocco Netherlands Portugal South Africa Thailand Vietnam

Spring 2025

Spring 2025

January 05 — April 20

Germany Ghana India Kenya Malaysia Morocco Mozambique South Africa Spain Thailand Vietnam

Fall 2025

Fall 2025

September 09 — December 22

France Ghana Hong Kong India Mauritius Morocco Netherlands South Africa Spain Thailand Vietnam

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[On] Semester at Sea, I got to see 14 different countries in a period of three months. That just added a lot of richness and color and depth to my understanding of my place in the world, and what else was out there.

I’m just thankful that I’ve lived long enough to, climb to the top of the Leaning Tower of Pisa—marvel at the Taj Mahal in India—climb the Great Wall of China—almost slide down the inside of the Great Pyramid in Egypt—watch the penguins in Antarctic and swing on a vine in the Amazon with a group of Semester at Sea students…I will travel and marvel at beautiful places and people around the world, look for new friends, send cards to my family and five great grandchildren, hoping it will instill in them the desire to meet and mingle with the rest of the world.

I have always loved to travel and Semester at Sea introduced me to places and people that changed my life forever.

Stepping off the ship in Morocco, I really had no expectation of what my experience would be like. We stuffed our backpacks to the brim, mounted our own camels, and set off to trek to a nomad camp across the Sahara. Arriving far past sunset, we stood at the top of the immense sand dunes looking down at our desert camp. We had the privilege of eating the most delicious Moroccan food and celebrating the experience with traditional musicians all night long. It was one of those “how crazy is my life” moments. Unbothered by the absence of cell service, my heart has never been so full as when I was dancing away under the full moon in the middle of the desert with the best of friends.

A lot of my personal travels and the path toward the creation of Pencils of Promise started as a student on Semester at Sea. It was not only the best, but most important thing that I’ve ever done because it set me on the path to becoming a global citizen.

Semester at Sea was so much more than one can imagine. I set sail expecting one thing and came back a different person. The people that I met along the way impacted my life and became my friend for life. If you enter this semester with an open mind the world will take you in its hands and allow you to see it in a whole different light.

Semester at Sea gave me an experience that I will forever cherish. I have become a better person because of the cultural experiences that I have had. I made lifelong friends that I know will be my forever travel buddies. During my four months abroad with Semester at Sea it helped me develop as a person and become a better version of myself.

A Voyage for All

Semester at Sea’s floating college brings together students with learners at all stages of life to study with world-renowned professors in a shipboard classroom setting and in ports around the globe. With the ship as your home, you’ll find adventure, community, and life-changing experiences everywhere you go.

Gap Year Students

Undergraduate Students

Recent College Graduates

Lifelong Learners

Faculty & Staff

The Voyage of a Lifetime

100 Days

Travel 100+ days each fall and spring semester on our floating college.

Earn College Credits

Earn 12-15 Colorado State University credits that you can transfer back to your home school.

10+ Countries

Explore multiple countries across multiple continents during each voyage.


With a shipboard theater, pool deck, multiple dining halls, snack bars, library, spa, basketball court and more, you can find comfort in each day at sea.

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