Fall 2023: European, African, and Asian Adventure

SPCM 434 Intercultural Communication [CRN 69718]

Overview of Course

Intercultural Communication will offer you the tools to grow as a person and communicator during your global travels on Semester at Sea and beyond! The course will encourage you to reflect on your own identity and how it informs your communication norms. It will provide you the foundational concepts and theories of intercultural communication and country-specific information to help inform your intercultural interactions during your voyage. This course will also ask you to apply the course material to your experiences and reflect and analyze the challenges and opportunities you encounter. Finally, it will invite you to understand and discuss the ethics of intercultural communication; consider the role intercultural competence plays in being a global citizen; deepen your appreciation for diversity; and improve your overall communication skills. This course will draw from readings, films, and stories and ask students to demonstrate their understanding of the material in papers, presentations, discussion, exams, and applied field work.