Fall 2023: European, African, and Asian Adventure

SPCM 200 Public Speaking [CRN 72168]

Overview of Course

SPCM 200 is an introduction to the analysis, development, and practice of public speaking regarding salient political, cultural, and social issues. Students are taught an audience-sensitive approach to the invention, arrangement, and delivery of public messages. This course covers the basic principles for public address and develops competence in the content, organization, and delivery of public speeches.

Special emphasis will be given to the practical and theoretical elements of effective public speaking for the specific purpose of global advocacy. Semester at Sea presents students with unique and unusual opportunities to not only learn about global humanitarian challenges but also to find their voice in advocating for those causes. This course serves to assist in that process so that individuals lose their fear of public speaking in favor of finding their voices in the interest of human empathy.

We will also analyze internationally significant speeches given by younger generations (i.e. Greta Thunberg, Malala) that have had international political or social impact to help students understand the difference that they can make. Speech topics will relate to humanitarian issues in the various countries visited during SAS after personally experiencing the countries and the people suffering from the problems.