Fall 2023: European, African, and Asian Adventure

MGT 475 International Business Management [CRN 74126]

Overview of Course

Dramatic advances throughout the world are driving the globalization of business: information technology, communication, transportation, and the global supply chain, to name a few. While opportunities for international commerce have never been greater, the challenges are substantial. Many companies thrive in some countries yet fail in others. What do companies like Nestlé, Samsung, Apple, Toyota, and McDonald’s have in common, and how are they different?

An understanding of international business is essential in today’s interdependent, global world. This course will provide the knowledge and ability to understand the macro- (political, cultural, technological), micro- (marketing, operations, human resources), and strategic elements (positioning, competition, leadership, value proposition) required for global success.

This course will challenge you to develop a more comprehensive understanding of how the global environment affects management decisions. You will examine your own assumptions, values, and beliefs, consider how they may affect cross-cultural management situations, and become more familiar with different countries’ values, cultures, and management styles. Throughout this highly interactive course, students will discern and apply these concepts in geographically-relevant ways as they explore diverse businesses at various ports.