Fall 2023: European, African, and Asian Adventure

JTC 412 International Mass Communication [CRN 69721]

Overview of Course

This course will expose students to news media around the world, with particular emphasis on the countries we visit. We will compare and contrast how the media operate; examine state-owned, privately owned and hybrid media operations; and look at the relationships between the media, the government and the public. How much of a role does the media play in the lives of readers, viewers and listeners, and what impact does the media have on the way a country functions?

The class will analyze what the media cover and ‒ just as importantly ‒ what is not covered. What are the biggest stories in the world ‒ and in individual countries ‒ that are not covered or poorly addressed? We will examine the role of international media by evaluating content, story selection, accuracy, thoroughness and consistency. Digital privacy, media literacy, and foreign correspondents’ role also will be examined.