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HDFS 315 Disability across the Lifespan and Culture [CRN 75629]

Overview of Course

About 15% of people worldwide live with a disability, yet individuals with disabilities have historically not been a focus of global planning and development. In this course, you will have the opportunity to learn about infants, youths, and adults with disabling conditions relevant to majors and careers in health, education, rehabilitation, counseling, human services, and anthropology. We also will examine prevention, in addition to intervention, and culturally-sensitive practices.

What will you get out of taking this course? Using readings, personal accounts, videos, and observations, we will explore:

the causes, outcomes, and treatment related to disabilities and health conditions (e.g., autism, diabetes, spinal cord injuries);
how disabilities interact with life stages, family, society, stigma, government, media, and the physical environment in ways that might help or hinder function and outcomes for those with disabilities;
transferable skills to observe, analyze, and communicate the effects of context on individuals with disabilities; and
global efforts to advance the rights of people with disabilities.