Fall 2023: European, African, and Asian Adventure

E 245 World Drama [CRN 75598]

Overview of Course

Focus: The World as Drama: From Tragedy to Comedy
This course provides an introduction to some versions of theatre and performances (dances, celebrations) from Europe, Africa and Asia from various time periods. It offers a sampling which will acquaint students with the study of dramatic literatures and performances in cultural contexts. In this context this class is not a class only with a literature focus, it will be class, with cultural and interdisciplinary discussions that will evaluate the world (in particular the ports/countries visited) using drama and theatre terminology (Ex. Greece (port): From the literary Tragedy to the modern Drama of the country and the European Union).

We will evaluate historical, cultural, and performance specificities. We will explore how theatre and performances reflect and create cultural identities. Students will also explore various forms and modes of cultural interactions (e.g. intercultural borrowings and appropriations, transcultural and intercultural drama). Through our studies we will explore how theatre, and performances reflect and affect the social, political, philosophical, and economic structures of its society. In addition, the course will expose students to distinct cultures, and at the same time challenge them to think critically about the meaning of “culture” and “cultural identities” in our increasingly globalized contexts. The course will also sharpen students’ ability to articulate, verbally and in writing, their critical thinking about cultural and dramatic issues.