Spring 2025 | Asia, Africa, and Europe Exploration

ANTH 315 Global Mobilities–The African Diaspora

Overview of Course

This course explores globalization and transnationalism with a focus on the circulation of people, ideas, and cultural products and practices between Africa and the rest of the world. It explores the African Diaspora (particularly in regions of the Americas and Eurasia) in addition to the source–the peoples and cultural manifestations of the African continent. By situating Africans as both producers and consumers of transnational ideas and products, we will develop an understanding of Africa beyond popular representations of violence, poverty, and crisis.

This course is organized both chronologically and thematically. It explores the local to the global, tracing patterns, parallels, connections, and transformations in the lives of people of African descent, and their impact on the world(s) around them. It situates them not as victims but as agents, and employs perspectives which center African experiences. These perspectives will illuminate new and deeper understandings of African people around the globe, and their endless contributions.

Through lectures, in-class discussions, readings, videos, and field experiences, students will engage in these topics, with a special emphasis on the countries on our voyage. Students will have the opportunity to delve deeper during field experiences.